Get those long locks you've always dreamed of. 

If you're interested in hair extensions, please book an appointment for a consultation. We like to provide each of our customers with a high level of service - at our consultations, we can determine what is perfect for you, and only you! 

Upon completion of our in-person consultation, if you wish to proceed with the service, a down payment of $200.00 is to be made and we can go ahead and order your 100% human European Remy hair (hair takes 3 business days to be delivered). 

Brave Beauty Services uses 100% human European Remy hair. Here is what we offer:



Meet the best non-damaging method on the market. Micro link extensions do not require any heat or glue - which is amazing for your natural hair! The micro bead hair extensions are attached to natural hair with a silicone or metal micro bead and a special micro bead hair extension tool.

The metal or silicone bead is lined with a rubber on the interior of the bead to provide a cushion for your natural hair to prevent it from breaking off. The micro link method is used for both a full head of extensions or highlighting strands. This method is very popular in professional hairdressing salons as it is a reliable and simple way of attaching hair extensions. The rings are tiny and compact and lie flat and are generally less bulky than other extension methods. 

  • Strands of extensions hair is attached to your natural hair with a micro bead. 
  • Micro Link hair extensions last anywhere from 6-12 months 
  • Micro Links hair extensions take about 3 hours 
  • You can style your hair up or down 


Nano link/ring hair extensions are the latest and smallest hair extensions available on the market, they are 90% smaller than most methods on the market such as micro rings and fusion bonds (they're about the size of a pen nib!)

They are the hottest and most exciting development in the hair extension industry due to the size of them, many celebrities are currently wearing them. They are excellent cold system for clients with very fine/thin hair or those that want lots around the sides and top without them showing. They are extremely gentle on the hair, no adhesives or heat are used to attach them, they are simply held in place with a tiny connection. The nano ring hair extensions won't pull or bend on application.

  • Worlds smallest extensions method. 
  • Strands of extensions hair is attached to your natural hair with a nano ring  
  • Lasts anywhere from 3-6 months 
  • Nano Rings hair extensions take about 2-3 hours  
  • You can style your hair up or down effortlessly 

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