Whether it's your first set of eyelash extensions, or your 15th, we're here to guide you through the easy process of lashifying yourself - the Brave way! 

Here is a little breakdown of what we offer for lashes. 

Pick your poison:

At Brave Beauty Services, mink, synthetic mink and silk lashes are available. 

  • What does unlimited lash count mean?   

No lash left behind! Every natural lash that can support a lash will be filled - that's a Brave Beauty Services promise. An average eye has between 100-150 lashes.

Looking for a refill?

If you're looking for a refill, it's required for a you to have between 30-40% of your original eye lash extensions left for it to be considered a fill. Come in for a consultation and we can let you know if we can make it happen!